One pill, two pill, three pill, four pill,For broken hearts, there are no pillsYet I keep popping them in,Hoping that they somehow heal,Painkiller for broken hearts,There should be something like that,But as it hasn’t been invented,I take the stuff that has been marketed,Ibruprofen, morphine, codeine,Do some magic, please heal me.Five pill, six pill, seven pill,…

Death wish

I wanna slit my wrist And stab a dagger through my chest. I wanna feel the pain As the red liquid flows out my vein. Empty my mind slow and steady As I drift into a forever sleep. I want close my eyes Never to open once again. It’s a beautiful life But death seems…

Suicidal Instincts

‘Who am I?’, I question myself,
Why am I feeling so dead inside?
I feel tears well up in my eyes
But I don’t understand why.

Then I mask up a smile
And go on with my life,
Rush and rush the day goes
Staying busy helps me get by.

But in most unexpected of moments
Clouds of gloom envelops me again
And I’m there wondering,
Why am I suddenly so sad?

Some days I want to slit my wrist
Or jump off the tallest building
Then I wonder, why would I do that?
I’m a girl who loves life.

I ride my bike the fastest I can
And for a split second, imagine me dead
Then realization hits me straight
Why am I thinking that way?

Why am I drawn so much to death?
This terrifying suicidal instinct!
I’m a girl who loves life
I’ve got so much to live.